Mugurameno School Project

Mugurameno school is another primary school steadily growing in the area which currently caters for over 300 pupils. This is one of the the most remote schools in the area and serves several small villages. The school is also faced with understaffing and underfunding issues.

One of the first things we did at this site was build another playground as we saw the dramatic benefits our first playground at Chiawa Basic reaped. Kids quite literally flocked to the school to play once the playground was finished. Use of the playground has resulted in more kids regularly attending class as they are not allowed to play if they miss class. We also built a 2 room classroom in the village which serves 50 kids. These boys and girls were previously being taught outside under a tree due to overcrowding; not a pleasant experience during the rainy season! We have also introduced adult classes which are offered in the afternoon for the many adults who did not complete their schooling. This has proven to be a great success and it is our intention to increase this enrollment once we have the funding to do so. As is the case at Chiawa Basic, we are fortunate to have fantastically dedicated teachers and it is a pleasure to assist them wherever we can.