Mission, Vision and Values Statement

Mission: DIA’s mission is to create economic self-sufficiency and individual empowerment amongst rural African villagers by fostering co-op based community owned projects rooted in sound business principles and conservation values.

Vision and Core Values: DIA believes that rural villages can become vibrant, healthy communities through:

  1. MENTORSHIP: DIA supporters ensure consistent, long-term support and oversight until sustainability is achieved in all projects.
  2. TRAINING: DIA provides gender-balanced skill and leadership training that makes success possible in establishing food and economic security.
  3. PLAY: DIA fosters educational, sport and play activities that enhance self- esteem, teamwork, leadership and confidence.
  4. HEALTH: DIA creates preventive healthcare initiatives that protect families from debilitating disease and support mothers and children.
  5. ACCOUNTABILITY: DIA holds that accountability is essential to success, and requires adherence to clearly defined commitments and accountabilities which are established in conjunction with project members.